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5 Point Vs 6 Point Harnesses

Sat Dec 05 2020 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

5 Point Vs 6 Point Harnesses

Racing harness are the primary means of driver protection in motorsport globally. Whilst protecting the driver during a collision, they also provide security for the driver, anchoring them into the seat to restrain the driver during high g cornering, acceleration and braking.
6 point harnesses - For the very best in driver safety and security, you cannot look beyond a set of 6 point harnesses. Being the safest harness configuration currently available, a set of these harnesses will keep you fully in place in the seat. With the addition of a pair of crutch straps between the legs helps to prevent the driver from submarining.
Not all 6 point harnesses are the same, however. The webbing used is available in different widths, either 2 inch or 3 inch, some even have a combination of both. The reason for this is due to better integration with an FHR device, as a 2 inch harness belt fits better over the wings of the FHR device, helping to keep it firmly in place. A 3 inch belt can be used with an FHR device, but there will be a part of the belt that sits over the side of the device.
5 point harnesses - Before the advent of the 6 point harness, the 5 point harness used to be the way to go. The reason for this was the inclusion of the extra belt between the legs which was designed to prevent the driver from submarining during an accident. However, it quickly became clear that, although they did prevent submarining, they didn’t make having an accident any less painful.
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In conclusion, if a certain homologation is not mandatory, the choice between a 5 or 6 point harness can be brought down to driver preference and driver comfort. Both types of harness provide superb safety and security to a driver. Both types can also be used in conjunction with an FHR. So ultimately it comes down to driver preference when the homologation is not mandatory.

Reporter: MOTORSPORT (MAY. 02. 19)

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