Lee Smith


Lee is a new driver to the formula in 2021. Coming from Milton Keynes, Lee purchased the ex Richie Sheepens Scropian chassis into which he fitted a Vauxhall 8 valve engine to begin his career with. Lee's love of motorsport started when he moved to Milton Keynes. H would go to brafield raceway and watch Brisca f1 and that’s were it all started. Lee and his fmaily would go al over the uk Friday ,Saturday nights Sunday following Brisca f1.

Many years later Lee then started carbon fibre work within motorsport for touring cars and rally cars among others. He worked for the MSD Hyundai world rally team before starting at Redbull f1 and that’s where he met lee wood 333 classic hotrod driver Lee started going racing with him and helping out with the car and it was during this time Lee first saw the Grand Prix midgets race. Lee started building his own classic hotrod (100e) but the cost to compete in the class was becoming prohibitive and damage was becoming too common so the difficult decision was taken to sell the car. Lee sold the car and purchased the car he now owns. When it arrived he was understandably excited until he tried to squeeze his 6 foot frame into the car but then with fantastic advice from fellow Grand Prix midget drivers on Facebook page modifications were made and Lee can now fit into the Grand Prix midget. Lee started going to meetings during the shortened 2020 season and found out how friendly this club / drivers are and how much help was available. The car is now largely complete and the plan is to be on track as early in 2021 as possible.