Michael Beech


Based in Powys Mid Wales and racing the distinctive grey number 64 car, Michael runs a Firehawk Chassis, originally built by Clifford Bunn and since been modified by Michael himself. A side engined car running a Peugeot TU3 originally found in a 205 XS on bike cars running through an elite gearbox. Prior to the current car Michael raced a side engine Hydridge chassis, built by Mathew Hyde and Martin Partridge.

Michael has raced with the club since 2019 with a best result of 2nd place in his first season in 2019. In 2020 Michael joined the ranks of the winners where he proved he could run with the fastest. Prior to joining the Grand Prix Midgets Michael raced Ministox with incarace between 1994 and 1999 achieving red grade. When he retired from the junior ranks he had a 17 year break before returning to the Incarod formula where he achieved a second place in the points.

Michael would like to pass on a huge thankyou to his dad, without him he wouldn't have been doing this, he has been there all the way through, never missing a meeting.