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Tony Smith


Racing from his base in Northants, Tony Initially raced Terry Baimbridge’s 1970’s Dastle with Ford crossflow which he piloted to a number of race wins from low grade starts.

Built “Probe” over winter 2015/6 with intent of gaining more inside weight and to improve strength
New car 2023 the “Viper” is essentially a slimmed down Probe.

Tony is the current East of England Champion having won back to back titles in 2021 £ 2022 and has spent much of the recent years racing from the red grade.

Started in BriSCA Ministox late 1978, made Red grade briefly in 1982.
1983 (at age 16) moved into BriSCA F2 Stock Cars, “retiring” 27 years later.

Only major title won in F2’s was the 1993 “King of Shale”, the first and only winner, as the event was dropped after the first year.
Technically, therefore, the “Reigning King of Shale”

Tony would like to thank Terry for all the help and support he provides as well as WW Engineers LTD of Market Harborough

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